Currently for Sale

All bulls and females are prepared for a working life, NOT just a sale.

They are run on grass & oats (if available!) as weaners, and receive a small amount of supplementary feeding leading up to sale.

Bulls carry the following treatments prior to sale:

  • 7-in-1
  • 3 germ blooded
  • 3-day (BEF)
  • Pesti-virus tested negative.

Bulls come fully vet checked by an external veterinarian.

Females are vaccinated with 7-in-1 and pesti-virus tested negative.


All of our auction sales have concluded for the year.  A small selection of sale results can be found on our ‘past results’ page if interested.

Emerald Ag-Grow

Emerald QLD, July 10th 2015

Five bulls on offer

Elite Jeopardy J14 (P)

Elite Jeopardy J14 (P)

ID: EL1 J14E
DOB: 12/09/13
Sire: Moongool Excel (P)
Dam: Kindara AV Estella (AI) (ET) (RF)

Potential stud sire. Easy doing, soft, polled bull.  Member of the winning Interbreed Pair of Unled Bulls at Wandoan Show 2015.  His dam, Kindara AV Estella, is one of our top cows at Elite Charolais.

Scanned June 25th:

  • P8- 10
  • Rib- 6
  • EMA- 136
  • IMF%- 4.3

Elite Jungle Man J20 (P)

Elite Jungle Man J20 (P)

ID: EL1 J20E
Sire: Bremelty Eldarado E4 (AI) (P) (R/F)
Dam: Bremelty Digna 22 (P)

A growthy polled sire with great volume & softness.  Potentially homozygous polled, will be tested prior to sale. Member of the winning Interbreed Pair of Unled Bulls at Wandoan Show 2015.

Scanned June 25th:

  • P8- 16
  • Rib- 10
  • EMA- 147
  • IMF%- 4.8

Elite Jumpstart J12 (P)

Elite Jumpstart J12 (P)

ID: EL1 J12E
Sire: Moongool Gunman (R/F)
Dam: Gobongo Isabella D78E (P)

A moderate framed bull displaying exceptional carcass characteristics to add that extra punch to your weaners.


Scanned June 25th:

  • P8- 6
  • Rib- 5
  • EMA- 122
  • IMF%- 4.4

Elite Joyride J17

Elite Joyride J17

ID: EL1 J17E
DOB: 17/09/13
Sire: Moongool Excel (P)
Dam: Downlands W65E

Very versatile bull. Combines a winning combination of carcass and fat cover.

Scanned June 25th:

  • P8- 6
  • Rib- 4
  • EMA- 128
  • IMF%- 3.4

Elite Jetta J2 (R/F)

Elite Jetta J2 (R/F)

Sire: Gobongo Excellent (A) (P) (R/F)
Dam: Kindara UV Peach 2 (R/F)

Loaded with power and punch. Good temperament. A real bullock breeding bull.

Scanned June 25th:

  • P8- 6
  • Rib- 4
  • EMA- 134
  • IMF%- 3.8

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For further details, see  sale catalogue.


Other upcoming auctions

Emerald Ag-Grow Bull Sale

Toowoomba Ag Show

Toowoomba, QLD. September 2015

Two bulls will be on offer. Watch this space for more details!

Charolais National S&S

Charolais National Show & Sale

Dubbo, NSW. October 2015

We will be bringing a select team from the top end of our program. Stay tuned!

Private Sale

Below is a small selection of the quality of the bulls that we offer for private sale.  Please feel free to contact us for an up to date listing of all sale bulls.

Elite Knackers

Elite Knackers

DOB: 15/4/14
Sire: Violet Hills Zachariah (P)
Dam: Kindara PW Estella 23 (P) (R/F)

Early maturing bull with plenty of carcass appeal to add that extra punch to your weaners! Dam is one of Elite’s best, find her on our ‘Dams’ page.

Elite Kingswood

Elite Kingswood

ID: EL1 K100E
Sire: Moongool Excel (P)
Dam: Kindara PY Berry 3

Soft, easy doing bull but still loaded with carcass.  Grand Champion Charolais Bull Wandoan Show 2015. Reserve Junior Champion Bull Ekka 2015.