The History

We decided to breed Sim-Angus cattle to diversify our Black Simmental Program, especially for those with pure Angus herds wanting to maintain a higher percentage of Angus in their progeny to capitalise on the Angus Premium (which requires cattle to be 75% Angus content). We love the hybrid vigour that this cross has brought to our program and believe that they will suit a variety of commercial operations.
Elite Dream R105 Sim-Angus


The Breed

Foundation Angus females were selected from Carabar and Premier Angus Studs as well as St. Pauls Genetics. The majority of these female lines have been retained and we look forward to building some exciting and outcross cow families from these.


The Process

 Sim-Angus Bulls have been marketed through our sale and have been very well received by the commercial producers.  Going forward, we plan to have bulls available ranging from 50-75% Simmental content, with the balance of their make-up being Angus.

Examples of Our Sim-Angus Program

Please feel free to contact us for more information on our Sim-Angus Program